Prof. Furumai retired on 31st March. We all thank him for leading the laboratory for a long time.


Reita Komuro (M2) won the Best Presentation Award (Kurita Award) at the 56th Annual Conference of JSWE (16-18 March, Online). Congratulations!
Also, Yamamoto(M2), Sugawa(M1), Pandey(D2), Sinfuku(D3) and Uehara(M2) gave an oral presentation and Prof. Furumai and Dr. Chomphunut presented a poster.


Furumai laboratory had a farewell meeting. Prof. Furumai and Dr. Shibuo gave the final lecture for the lab members. We took photos in the lecture room and outside after giving a present to those who completed their courses.


International Online Workshop on Microplastics Issues (PPAW2022), in which Prof. Furumai serves as a Committee Advisor, was held from March 4 to 5. Kanako Yamamoto(M2) and Naoki Furuya(B4) gave an oral and a poster presentation respectively. He won the PPAW Excellent Poster Presentation Award.


Prof. Furumai received a medal at the School of Engineering Award Ceremony for retirement professors.


An original research article on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) genes in urban rivers in Japan led by Dr. Ikuro Kasuga has been published online in Frontiers in Environmental Science.


Reita Komuro (M2) gave an oral presentation (video) at JWWA Research Conference 2021. In addition, the Nihon Suido Shimbun dated January 27 featured the conference, and an interview article with Prof. Furumai was published.


The 4th International Forum on Asian Water Environment Technology(IFAWET), which has been planned by Prof. Furumai, Dr. Kurisu, Dr. Kasuga and others with City University of Hong Kong, was held online on Dec 10-11. There were 32 applications from Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, India and other Asian countries for the Poster Presentation. From our laboratory, Dr. Chomphunut, Ms. Pandey(D2) and Ms. Liu(D2) gave presentations and Ms. Liu won Best Poster Presentation Award. Their presentation titles are on Achivements (Interntional Conferences).


A paper showing the correlation of monsoon and PPCPs in urban waters in India has been issued online. Prof. Hiroaki Furumai is one of the authors.


The 66th Conference on Hydraulic Engineering was held online on 8-10 December, and Dr. Shibuo presented the results of Xu (completed master's degree in September 2021), Furumai and Shibuo. Also the paper was published in JSCE B1 (Hydraulic Engineering).


16th APRU Multi-Hazards Symposium 2021 (APRU=Association of Pacific Rim Universities) is being held online/Indonesia on November 24-25. Ph.D. Shibuo is one of the International Scientific Committees and chairs "TOPIC 8: Statistical and Modeling Tools for Disaster Management".


Dr. Shibuo and Prof. Furumai are going to hold a symposium to commemorate the Special Issue "Actions Toward Futuristic Urban Flood Risk Research and Management" published by JDR in April 2021. The symposium is in the afternoon on November 25th where Dr. Shibuo and Mr. Park (D3) will each present their papers.


M2 student Yutaro Uehara presented his reviewed paper at the 58th Environmental Engineering Forum. Also there were 2 presentations related to Prof. Furumai's research, and the joint research with Minato-ku received Best Poster Award.

K. Morita (Assoc. for Shore Environment Creation), T. Ichihashi (Minato-ku), H. Furumai


M2 student Reita Komuro won the Best Presentation Award at the 57th yearly meeting of "Japanese Society of Water Treatment Biology". Congratulations!

Reita Komuro, Ikuro Kasuga, Futoshi Kurisu, Hiroaki Furumai, "Abundance and diversity of complete ammonia-oxidizing microorganisms (Comammox) in various biological drinking water treatment processes"


A paper about the effect of strengthening the business foundation by widening the water supply area by Mr. Saheki and Prof. Furumai was published in the October issue of the Japan Water Works Association magazine. He completed the Master's Program in Sustainable Urban Regeneration, UTokyo.


There are several conference presentations in October 2021.
- Dr. Iftita: IWA MEWE Specialist Conference [poster] 18-20th
- Prof. Furumai, Project Assoc. Prof. Shibuo, Dr. Chomphunut: ICUD 2021 [oral] 26th
- Komuro san(M2): 57th yearly meeting of Japanese Society of Water Treatment Biology [oral] 29th


We have released a Research Map that illustrates the research contents of our laboratory.


Bisheng XU (M2) completed the master's course. Congratulations. After a photo session, he shared his memories in Japan and introduced his future career.


Dr. Chomphunut, Dr. Iftita, Ms. PANDEY (D2), Ms. LIU (D1), and Ms. GAN (D1) from our laboratory made oral and poster presentations at WET2021-onlin on August 11-12. Then, Dr. Iftita and Ms. GAN received the best poster awards. Congratulations.


The original article by Dr. Chomphunut and Prof. Furumai was published in JWET. It's about Combined Sewer Overflows in rainfall events.


A special issue on the Urban Environmental Engineering course was published in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the Department of Urban Engineering by the Nihon Suido Shimbun (March 25th edition). Our laboratory is introduced along with others. (under one-year data usage permit from the newspaper company)


An article about Vietnam's sewerage, compiled by Associate Professor Kasuga before returning from Vietnam Japan University, was published in the April 2021 issue of Journal of Sewerage, Monthly.


The "Encyclopedia of Water Environment" (edited by JSWE, Japanese) has been published. Prof. Furumai and Associate Prof. Kasuga wrote one section each.


Journal of Disaster Research (Vol.16, No.3) has been published. For this special issue on Futuristic Urban Flood Risk, Project Associate Professor Shibuo and Prof. Furumai served as guest editors. Also one of the papers was by Mr. Park(D3) et al..
Labo-related: Shibuo & Furumai (Review), Fukumori, Kurita & Furumai (Survey report)


The term of Prof. Mari Asami (NIPH), as a RECWET's visiting professor starting from October 2014, finished at the end of March. We would like to express our deep gratitude for her contribution as a member of the laboratory.
Associate Professor Kasuga, who had been assigned to Vietnam Japan University as a JICA long-term expert since September 2018, returned to Japan in April after a half year extension due to the pandemic.


Yoshihiro Ishii (D3) and Kyoka Nagasawa (M2) completed the doctoral and the master's course respectively. Also Ryohei Oda, Hayato Sugawa, and Yuuki Kanai (B4) graduated. Congratulations. commemorative photo

M2 student Kyoka Nagasawa won the Best Presentation Award (Kurita Award) at the 55th Annual Conference of JSWE (10-12 March, Online). Congratulations!

"Towards futuristic urban inundation risk management" by Prof. Furumai was published in "Journal of Hydrological System" (2021 vol.119, Association for Rainwater Storage and Infiltration Technology).


At the international exhibition ASIAWATER 2020, Professor Furumai took the stage as a panelist on the topic "Water Sector Transformation 4.0" right after the opening ceremony, and gave an oral presentation and a Q & A session.


At the international conference WET2020 (Nov 7-8, Online), there were 4 poster presentations related to our laboratory (Poopipattana & Furumai, Rahmatika et al., VU & Kasuga, Torii et al.), all of which were selected as the best poster awards (14/132 cases)!


Dr. Iftita, the awardee of The WET Excellent Paper Award 2019, was commended and gave a speech at the opening ceremony of the international conference WET2020. The award is given to outstanding papers to acknowledge their scientific contribution to the field of Water and Environment Technology.


Our webpages of Members and Achievements have been updated.


Ms. Iftita Rahmtica's article on the Best Poster Award at 8th IWA MEWE Specialist Conference (Hiroshima, November 2019) has been posted on "IWA Connect", the members-only online bulletin.

Iftita Rahmatika*, I. Kasuga, F. Kurisu, H. Furumai (2019) Evaluation of organic compounds migrated from polyethylene and their impacts on microbial regrowth in drinking water


Associate Professor Kasuga contributed the article "the Future of Science and Society from the Viewpoint of Environmental Engineering" to an academic journal "Trends in the Sciences", Sep 2020 issue.(5 pages in Japanese)


An article written by Prof. Furumai was published in an industrial newspaper, as the first in the series "My Graduation Thesis -Confirming the "origin" of scholars active in the water and sewerage field-".


Associate Professor Kurisu received the 2019 Paper Award from the Japan Society on Water Environment for the following paper.

Main target papers : Phanwatt Phungsai, Futoshi Kurisu, Ikuro Kasuga and Hiroaki Furumai (2019) Molecular characteristics of dissolved organic matter transformed by O3 and O3/H2O2 treatments and the effects on formation of unknown disinfection by-products, Water Research, 159, 214-222.
Target related paper 1, Target related paper 2


Ms. Iftita Rahmatika won the best poster award at 8th IWA Microbial Ecology and Water Engineering Specialist Conference (17-20 November, Hiroshima).


Ms. Poopipattana Chomphunut won the best paper award (Metawater award) at the 22nd JSWE Symposium (5-6 September, Sapporo).

Poopipatta Chomphunnut, Misaki Nakajima, Ikuro Kasuga, Futoshi Kurisu, Hiroyuki Katayama, Hiroaki Furumai (2018) Spatial-temporal distribution of PPCPs and microbial fecal indicators as sewage pollution markers in Tokyo coastal area after rainfall events, Journal of Water and Environment Technology, Vol.16, No.3, pp.149-160.


Ms. Iftita Rahmatika won the best poster award at WET2019(2019/7/13-14@Osaka).


Dr. Miaomiao Liu and Ms. Poopipattana Chomphunut won the poster award at the 3rd International Forum on Asian Water Environment Technology (IFAWET) (2-3 March, Singapore).


Miyu Suzuki and Shotaro Torii won the best presentation award and Motoaki Suzuki and Midori Yasui won the best student poster presentation award at the 52nd annual conference of JSWE (15-17 March, Sapporo). Congratulations!


Naoki Kasui won the best poster award art 54th Environmental Engineering Forum.


Dr. Phanwatt Phungsai and Ms. Poopipatta Chomphunnut were awarded at WET2017!


HP was revised.


Our members were awarded at 51st JSWE conference